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About cooking with crohn's 

Finding foods to eat on any restrictive diet can be difficult...especially when the food you eat directly affects the way you feel everyday.  Each individual with Crohn's disease tolerates a variety of foods differently, and it is hard to always find something satisfying to eat that won't make you feel sick. Our goal is to share food ideas and recipes that will inspire you to cook delicious meals for your special dietary needs, and provide a place for people to have open discussions about food tolerations with Crohn's.

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Let's face it, not being able to EVER eat certain foods can be extremely frustrating and sometimes down right depressing. Our hope is to gain a new perspective on food by becoming passionate about cooking as a mean to take control over our lives.  We want to and eat food that is not only delicious, but makes us healthy and full of energy.  We want to change our focus from what we can't eat, to getting creative with the foods that we can eat that make our bodies feel good.  Our goal is, that together,  we can find new and exciting foods that we will love.  Our hope is that a new perspective and a desire to cook can change the way we see food.

Kylie is an amazing young girl who has an infectious personality. She is an incredible artist. She is a loyal friend, sister, daughter, granddaughter niece and cousin. Her laugh and smile are contagious. Kylie started showing symptoms of Crohn's when she was just 6 months old. From a very young age Kylie has been on a prohibitive diet and even had a permanent feeding tube as an infant.  After years of tests and colonoscopies, she was finally diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Although her feeding tube has been removed, finding foods to eat that don't flare her Crohn's symptoms has always been a challenge. This page is managed by Kylie's family members, and is dedicated to sharing  "Crohn's-Friendly" recipes that taste good and make those suffering from Crohn's symptoms feel good, too.